How to renew your Philippine Passport in Canada

Philippine Passport in Canada

Here’s what you need to know if you need to renew your Philippine Passport in Canada.

The Philippine Embassy and all the Consulate Generals are now issuing Philippine passports that will be valid for 10 years. This comes as good news for Filipinos in Canada, who have a difficult time renewing Philippine passports because the Embassy and Consulates are too far away.

In a statement issued on December 27, 2017, Philippine government officials are instructing Filipino nationals to use the following forms to apply for the 10 year passports:

2018 New Regular Passport Application Form (Adult) Form 1

2018 Renewal Regular Passport Application Form (Adult) Form 2

2018 Regular Passport Application Form (Minor) Form 3

There are a couple of things you should know about the process. You can only apply for a Philippine passport in person. That means you either do it at the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa, the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver or the Philippine Embassy in Toronto.

You can also do this during consular outreaches that are conducted by the Embassy and Consulates quite regularly. The lines are pretty wild, though. Some have likened it to the grand opening of Jollibee Scarborough (except without the ChickenJoy at the end of the line).

It also takes a while. That’s because the passports themselves aren’t printed here in Canada. They’re actually done at the office in DFA Manila. Willing to wait?

Unlike the DFA passport appointment system back in the Philippines, submitting an application for a Philippine Passport in Canada is a first-come, first-served affair.

Since 2018, Philippine Passport validity to travel is 10 years (still 5 years for the kids, though).

So, how much to renew a Philippine Passport? Passport renewal will cost CAD$81.00 and will take 6 – 8 weeks to process.

Questions? Call the Philippine Consulate General at (416) 922-7181 ext. 2786 or send an email at 

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