Tagalog is the fastest growing language in Canada

The results of Statistics Canada‘s 2016 census confirmed what we knew all along. Filipinos are one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.

Today, one in five Canadians can speak more than one language. While most Canadians still speak English and French, one in four Canadians also claim to speak another language.

The fastest growing language in Canada according to the latest survey is Tagalog. The results of the 2016 census shows that the number of Canadians speaking the Philippine language grew by 35% since the last time Statistics Canada was knocking on doors.

The increase also corresponds directly with immigration patterns, with the Philippines having been consistently the top source of Permanent Residents. The year before the 2016 survey, over 50,000 Filipinos were granted Permanent Residency.

As early as 2011, less than 400,000 Canadians surveyed reported speaking Tagalog at home. In 2016, it was 525,000.

In the province of Manitoba, Statistics Canada projects that Tagalog will overtake German as the most spoken immigrant language by the time the next census is conducted.

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