We’ve been waiting for Jollibee Canada to open their first branch in the GTA for so many years now, we’ve actually gone home to the Philippines twice. And we had Jollibee whilst we were there.

I almost forgot, we went for a quick trip to Disneyland last summer too. Let me give you a quick guess where we ended up eating? Yup, Jollibee. To be fair, we also ate at Shakey’s. TBH, Shakeys was much more satisfying.

But getting back to this story. Narcity’s Eul Basa reported a few hours ago that his sources said that Jollibee Canada was gunning for a March 25 opening at Kennedy Commons. Sounds about right, since winter should be done by then. Then again, the local meteorologists are predicting a colder than usual spring. So, yeah. we’re not looking forward to lining up in the snow nor the rain. Like those guys in Winnipeg. Which is why Jollibee Canada already has two branches (because people stood outside in the cold and took numbers). For Jollibee. But hey, whatever gets you your Yumburger fix, eh?

So, if you haven’t had Jollibee in a while, mark your calendars and go there early. The elections aren’t too far away, so expect appearances by local celebrities and politicians. After all, our PM went to visit the one in Winnipeg. Almost forgot his trip to the branch in Tondo. So we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him pass by this one in Toronto when it opens. Didn’t figure him to be a big fan of Chicken Joy, but I guess nautusan ni Madam Sophie.

Kitakits sa Jollibee! March 25, ha?

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