Quebec Skilled Worker Program updates

The Government of Quebec announced plans for a new immigration system based on the Government of Canada’s Express Entry System, which was first introduced by the federal government in 2015.

Unlike other provinces and territories in Canada, Quebec exercises exclusive jurisdiction over its immigration programs.

Candidate profiles for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) will now be managed using the Expression of Interest system.

Currently, the QSWP uses a first-come, first-served system where applications are submitted online through Mon Projet Quebec. The portal will continue to accept online submissions until the new system is fully operational.

Moving forward, interested individuals will have submit an Expression of Interest to initiate their application under the QSWP. Profiles made under the new system have a validity of one year from the date of creation.

The new QSWP system will also be score-based, similar to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Qualified individuals will be chosen from the pool and be sent invitations to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC).

Once invited, qualified individuals will have 90 days to complete their application. After being issued a QSC, the qualified individual can then apply for Permanent Residency with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).