Jollibee Scarborough

UPDATE 2018-04-01: Jollibee Scarborough is now open.

This is not an April Fool’s joke, Jollibee’s here and there’s no turning back. The Big Red Bee has finally arrived in Toronto and everyone is looking forward to the grand opening.  This time, it’s really true: Jollibee Scarborough opens on April 1.

News of the arrival of the Philippines‘ biggest fast food chain first came out over five years ago. The excitement has been building since then, with rumours about locations and opening dates. Time passed, with Jollibee Corp. deciding to open their first Canadian locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

free chickenjoy

On April 1, Jollibee is opening their third branch at Kennedy Commons, in the Scarborough neighbourhood of Toronto. The east end is home to many Filipino immigrants, and the new location is centrally located in the Greater Toronto Area. Online blogs like BlogTO and Narcity have been reporting on everything from menu and prices to opening dates for five years now, recently claiming that the first person in line would receive a year’s supply of ChickenJoy. They’ve been off the mark on a number of details since then, but imagine if those rumours about the free chicken were to be true.

In any case, mosey on down if you’d like to be able to brag to your friends that you were there for Jollibee’s opening day. You never know, Justin Trudeau just might be there to cut the ribbon. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Aga Mulach ourselves, but hey, we’re old school like that.

EXCLUSIVE: Jollibee just opened in Toronto and we were there! Read more here!

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