Jollibee Scarborough is now open

The much anticipated arrival of the Philippines’ biggest fast food chain has finally happened: Jollibee Scarborough is now open.

Thousands of people braved the sub-zero temperatures to line up for the grand opening of Jollibee’s first branch in Ontario. The bitter cold temperatures and gusting winds didn’t discourage people from coming.

Windchills of -7 degrees didn’t stop all of these people from coming out to welcome Jollibee.

Filipinos In Canada got a chance to speak with this guy, Paul. He stood in line for an incredible 17 hours just to be the first person through the door. He got a free Jollibee doll and a Jollibee swag bag for his troubles. Oh, and a year’s supply of free ChickenJoy. Sorry, Crispy Chicken.

Paul Magbujos, free chicken for a year guy!

The mood was incredibly festive as the crew prepared to open the doors to the public. Jollibee even took the time to say a prayer for a successful first day.

Friendly smiles come free with your bucket of Crispy Chicken.

Run, don’t walk. Jollibee Scarborough is now open. Special thanks to our buddies at Filipino TV for letting us tag along. Sharing is caring (please share this post)!

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