Saskatchewan opens 400 slots for popular Occupations In-Demand Stream (UPDATE: never mind, they’re all gone)


The province of Saskatchewan in Canada has become a popular destination in recent years for Filipino immigrants.

Occupations In-Demand Stream
They say that if you lose your dog in Saskatchewan, you’ll still see him wagging his tail in the distance two days later. Photo by @ErikaWittlieb


A couple of weeks ago, when the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) opened 400 slots for its Occupations In-Demand stream, people got excited. The 400 slots were filled up within a few hours.

The same thing happened last year, when the SINP reached its maximum of 1,200 applications.

The SINP’s International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand stream is first-come, first served.

You’ll have to be quick if you want your application to be accepted, 400 slots can go really quickly.

Occupations In-Demand Stream
The prairie provinces, including Saskatchewan, offer immigrants from the Philippines a taste of life in Canada away from the biggest cities. Photo by @ErikaWittlieb


If you want to apply for the next round, you have to have all the necessary forms and supporting documents (such as identity and civil status, passports, language, education and work credentials, proof of licensure if working in regulated industries) ready.

Supporting documents must be legible, and if they aren’t in French nor English, you’l have to submit the original copy of the document and a translation in either French or English with an affidavit from the individual who translated it.

If any of your forms or supporting documents are incomplete, your application will be rejected.

Immigration consultants and lawyers stress the need to be prepared in applying for any of Canada’s immigration programs.

Given that slots for the SINP’s different streams are in such high demand, experts say that only the most prepared applicants with a thorough understanding of the application process will have any chance of success.

Occupations In-Demand Stream
The number of spots available in the different SINP streams are limited. Best be prepared when a new batch becomes available. Photo by @ErikaWittlieb


Applicants under the Occupations In-Demand stream do not need a job offer from a Canadian employer to submit an application.

The Occupations In-Demand stream is a base program, not aligned with the Express Entry system.

Successful applicants under the SINP will be nominated by the province, and receive a provincial nomination certificate.

The applicant will submit their application for permanent residency (together with the provincial nomination certificate) to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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