Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream
The prairie provinces, including Saskatchewan, offer immigrants from the Philippines a taste of life in Canada away from the biggest cities. Photo by @ErikaWittlieb

Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream

The very popular Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)’s Express Entry stream is now open to new applications. Again.

While the SINP’s Express Entry Stream opens every now and then, it does so on a very limited basis. This time around, they are accepting only 400 applications.

Once 400 applications have been submitted, the SINP’s Express Entry Stream will be closed until further notice.

Before you get excited, please note that only applicants who are already in the Government of Canada’s Express Entry Pool are eligible to apply.

Also, applicants must also have relevant experience in one of the identified occupations.

Applications made under the SINP’s Express Entry Stream is a different (and entirely separate) application from applications made under the Government of Canada’s Expres Entry System, where you create a profile for inclusion in the Express Entry Pool.

It’s also different from the application made for Permanent Residency, after having received an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

The number of applications that will be accepted for the SINP’s Express Entry Stream is limited, so if you are thinking of applying, you better hurry.

Successful applications will receive a provincial nomination from the Province of Saskatchewan, and will give you a bonus 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

The minimum CRS score for this program? 451 CRS points.

The bonus points alone will pretty much guarantee that you will receive an ITA for the next Express Entry Draw.

If you don’t make it, better luck next time.

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