Marijuana is now legal in Canada


Recreational marijuana is now legal in Canada

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Canada becomes only the second country in the world to legalize marijuana on the national level.

This means that Canadian adults can possess up to 30 grams of marijuana, and grow up to 4 marijuana plants at home.

Legalization of marijuana will not mean that it’s going to be available everywhere. Starting Wednesday, only 200 retailers will be operational across the country.

Each province will have its own sets of rules and regulations for the retail sale of marijuana.

Expect a great deal of confusion as provincial and municipal governments adapt to the new reality of legal marijuana.

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Federal law allows the purchase of marijuana by anyone over 18 years of age, but some provinces will likely increase that to 21 (we’re looking at you, Quebec).

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It differs from province to province. Here you go:

Newfoundland – Canopy Growth will be Newfoundland’s wholesale provider, with 24 private retail locations operating on October 17.

Nova Scotia – the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation will be operating 12 retail locations exclusively for the sale of marijuana. They were originally going to have 24, but after Statistics Canada said in a report that Nova Scotia smokse the most weed in Canada, they decided to cut that in half.

New Brunswick – New Brunswick also has their marijuana retail affairs in order; 20 Cannabis NB locations will be operational by October 17.

Prince Edward Island – Canada’s smallest province will have four locations. That’s one for every 35,000 Islanders. Fun!

Quebec – Quebec will have 20 locations selling marijuana on October 17.

Ontario – Canada’s most populous province will be selling marijuana online only on October 17, through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Manitoba – Four private consortiums will share the marijuana retail market in Manitoba. They’re thinking 100 retail locations by the fall.

Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan will have 51 licensed retailers serving the province, including a 23 year old guy in Saskatoon.

Alberta – Just like the way they approach alcohol sales, Albertans would rather leave the retail sale of marijuana in the hands of the private sector. So far, they have 452 applications for marijuana retail store licenses.

British Columbia – while the provincial government will do wholesale distribution, they will also run a number of retail locations together with private companies.

Yukon – you will only be able to buy marijuana in Whitehorse. Be prepared to line up.

Northwestern Territories – probably the only place in Canada where you can buy alcohol and marijuana together; seven government-owned liquor locations will be selling marijuana.

Nunavut – Nunavut does not have plans for retail locations, if you want to buy marijuana, you’ll have to do it online.

marijuana Canada
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Depending on provincial and municipal regulations, you can smoke marijuana anywhere you can smoke tobacco.

Check first before lighting that joint to avoid any inconvenience.

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