How Canadians celebrate Halloween

You can take either whimsical or grotesque route when it comes to Halloween costume choices!

Halloween in Canada is celebrated on October 31 every year. Most Filipinos are familiar with the day, having seen it in many Hollywood films.

Kids (and plenty of adults) dress up in costumes and go knocking on doors around the neighbourhood to ask for Halloween candy, called “Trick-or-Treat-ing”.

Halloween is NOT a public holiday, so there’s school and work. Most businesses operate their normal hours.

A lot of Canadians love Halloween, and spent a lot of time and money into decorating their homes to welcome the neighbourhood kids.

Whether it’s your first time to go Trick-or-Treating or you’re a Halloween veteran, don’t forget to be safe while your having fun!

Other Canadians throw Halloween parties, where both adults and kids come dressed in their favourite Halloween characters.

A lot of tourist attractions, including Casa Loma and Canada’s Wonderland host special Halloween-themed events. Check their official websites for schedules and ticket information.

Seasonal stores, like Spirit Halloween, sells costumes of every kind and size. Hope you guys went early though, because sizes go really quick, as well as whatever’s popular with the kids this year.

Another place we would recommend would be Party City, which also has a wide selection of Halloween costumes to fit every preference and budget.

Most of the snack brands also has special Halloween editions, including Cheetos and Mars chocolates.

Halloween in Canada
Pumpkins are big business in Canada. Support your local farms by picking up a pumpkin or two this Halloween!

Another popular Halloween activity they have here in Canada is pumpkin carving. Kids do it at school, and they get to take home their pumpkins to put outside on their porch on Halloween night itself.

Take note that it’s always pretty cold during Halloween. Check the weather conditions before heading out with your little ghosts and ghouls. It’s perfectly fine to wear a winter coat over their costumes to keep them nice and warm.

Remember, always walk in groups, bring a flashlight and inspect your kids’ candies once you get home before they eat them.

Have fun, Happy Halloween!

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