How to register your children for school – requirements and costs



New to Canada? You might be wondering what the requirements are for registering your kids at school.
Here’s what you should get ready, some of them should be taken care of before you leave for Canada, other documents will only be available when you get here. Get your kids started at school as soon as possible!
1.  Report cards or transcripts ALL in English for students entire history in high school (from grades 9-12). For students entering grade 9 we will need to see grade 8 reports.  Students that already attending a secondary school in Canada must bring a “Credit Counselling Summary” available from the Guidance department of their current school.
2.  Passport, Birth Certificate, Permanent Residence Card,  Landing paper or Confirmation of Permanent Residency document, Study Permit or Canadian Status documentation.
3.   Proof of residential address (2 pieces) tax bill, driver’s licence, utility bill, bank statement, purchase/lease agreement, mortgage documents etc. and identification for the parent/guardian, as the parent(s)/guardian are required to accompany the student to the assessment.  If you are living with family, please have the home owner write a letter confirming the student and their family (please list their names).  Please include the complete address in the letter.
4.  Guardianship documents (if applicable) must be notarized and brought with you to the assessment appointment.

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