Free tuition for eligible College & University students in Ontario, Canada


What is OSAP?

The Ontario Student Assistance Program OSAP is a financial aid program that helps students pay for college and university in the province of Ontario.

What types of financial aid is available through OSAP?

OSAP allows qualified students to apply for various grants and loans.

When you receive a grant, it is money that you will not have to pay back.

Loans, on the other hand, is money that you will have to repay. Loans under OSAP are interest and payment-free while you are still in school full-time.

How much can students receive from OSAP?

The amount of funding that you can receive from OSAP is calculated using your educational costs compared to your personal financial situation.

For a two-year academic year, full time students who are single may be eligible for up to CAD$13,260 in loans and other non-repayable grants.

Married students and sole support parents may be eligible for up to CAD$22,440.

How do I apply for OSAP?

  1. Visit and create an OSAP profile. You will receive an access number, keep this in a secure place.
  2. After you have been accepted to an Ontario college or university, gather the requirements and supporting documentation and complete your OSAP application. It will take about 15 minutes to complete. Make sure you have your school information available, as well as your parents’ (or spouse’s) SINs ready. You will also need a copy of your (and your spouse’s, if applicable) Income Tax Return (ITR)
  3. Submit your complete OSAP application to the financial aid office of your college or university.

When can I apply for OSAP?

The 2019-2020 applications for full-time students will be available online starting in spring of 2019. Visit for more information.

It is a good idea to apply as early as possible. The sooner you submit your OSAP application, the earlier you’ll find out if you qualify and how much funding you might be able to receive.

Other information about OSAP

Full-time and part-time students may apply.

If you are a full-time student, you have the option to choose to apply for non-repayable grants only.

Dependent students, mature students, married students and students with children are eligible to apply for OSAP.

You can have your application reassessed if your circumstances have changed.

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