Were you at Toronto Pearson recently? You may have been exposed to Measles


If you were recently travelled through Toronto Pearson International Airport, you might want to check your vaccination records: Toronto Public Health are concerned because they’ve confirmed one case of the measles.

Measles, also known as red measles or rubeola, is super contagious. The virus spreads when an infected individual breathes, coughs or sneezes.

The measles virus can survive on surfaces and in the air for up to two hours.

While incidences of measles are rare in Canada, outbreaks do occur from time to time.

If you happened to have been anywhere near people arriving on Lufthansa flight LH-470 from Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday January 27 may have been exposed to the measles.

Toronto Public Health is encouraging anyone who may have been exposed to check their immunization records and to be on the lookout for symptoms.

Measles symptoms may take up to 21 days after exposure to appear.

Symptoms include fever, sore eyes and sensitivity to light, as well as small spots with a white centre inside the moth and red rashes which can last anywhere from four to seven days.

If you believe that you may have been exposed, call Toronto Public Health at (416) 338-7600 to discuss the specifics of your exposure and immunization status.

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