Valentine's Day in Canada
Valentine’s Day in Canada is celebrated on the same day, just like everywhere else in the world, February 14. Happy Valentine's Day! Via @filipinosincanada

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a great day for Canadians to demonstrate their love and affection to their loved ones in a special way.

Valentine’s Day in Canada is celebrated on the same day, just like everywhere else in the world, February 14. It’s named after two saints, St. Valentine of Rome and St. Valentine of Terni.

A long time ago, Europeans took part in pagan fertility festivals. It’s said that the whole romantic couples thing evolved from the idea that it was mating season for birds and other wildlife.

In 1380, the famous poet Chaucer composed an ode for the first anniversary of King Richard II’s engagement to Anne of Bohemia. It’s believed to be the first instance of an expression of romantic love. The practice of Valentine’s Day has stuck ever since.

So apparently, people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving gifts of chocolates and flowers to their loved ones since the Middle Ages.

Thanks, Chaucer!

Of course, Valentine’s Day has become a wee bit more commercial, with greeting card companies, restaurant and jewelry stores doing a lot of business on this particular day.

So if you happen to be out and about on Valentine’s Day in Canada, you can expect a lot of red and heart-shaped stuff, including special edition donuts from Tim Hortons.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a public holiday, so if you have work, go to work! Businesses and government offices are open as usual.

What do most Canadians do on Valentine’s Day?

Many Canadians give Valentine’s Day cards and gifts to their loved ones.

Red and pink are popular colours during Valentine’s Day, as are gifts of stuffed toys and roses.

Boxes of chocolates are likewise popular, as are bottles of wine. Jewelry are always appreciated, FYI.

Some Canadians like to make Valentine’s Day extra special. A night out for dinner and a movie are very common, so you if you haven’t made reservations well beforehand, you might have a difficult time getting a table at a fancy restaurant.

Some Canadians often take a few days off, to extend the long weekend.

Valentine’s Day is usually a few days before Family Day in Canada.

Valentine’s Day in Canada isn’t just for the adults. School-aged children often take the time to make their parents Valentine’s Day cards in class. Older students might take part in Valentine’s Day themed-dances at school.

Valentine’s Day is NOT a public holiday

Valentine’s Day in Canada is NOT a public holiday, with schools, businesses and government offices open as usual. Most businesses, including gift shops and restaurants running Valentine’s Day-themed promotions.

Public transportation systems run on regular schedules.

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