Celebrating Family Day in Canada


When is Family Day in Canada?

In Canada, Family Day is celebrated every third Monday of the month of February. This year 2019, Family Day is on Monday, February 18.

Family Day is NOT a national statutory holiday. Family Day is only observed in the provinces of New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

In Prince Edward Island, the day is celebrated as Islander Day.

In Manitoba, the day is celebrated as Louis Riel Day.

Since Family day is NOT a national statutory holiday, employees of the Government of Canada all have to go to work.

Originally, Family Day was conceived as a day for Canadians to spend time with their families. It’s also meant to give Canadians a well deserved break, since the two other days off (New Years Day and Good Friday) are three months apart.

Unfortunately, not every Canadian gets to take Family Day off.

What do Canadians do on Family Day?

Canadian families take the day off to go on a quick road trip, go to the neighbourhood rinks to lace up their skates, find a good slope to go tobogganing or just stay home and watch some Netflix.

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