2019 World Happiness Report: Canada #9, Philippines #69


The Sustainable Development Solutions Network just published its 2019 World Happiness Report, and we’re happy to share that Canada made it to the top 10 (the Philippines made some improvements, too!).

The World Happiness Report is a yearly survey ranking 156 countries by how happy their citizens think they are.

The World Happiness Report takes a look at happiness and community, with an emphasis on different factors that drive societal changes, including technology, social norms, conflict and different government policies.

Canada made it to the top 10 in the annual World Happiness Report. By comparison, the Philippines ranked 69 (an improvement from previous rankings).

10. Austria
9. Canada
8. New Zealand
7. Sweden
6. Switzerland
5. Netherlands
4. Iceland
3. Norway
2. Denmark
1. Finland

The report spoke on prosocial spending (spending money on others), which might be closely linked to higher levels of well-being.

Did you know that in Germany, people who pay more taxes (resulting in a greater contribution of their income through public services, which benefits their fellow Germans) report better well-being overall?


So, apparently, if you have more money to spend on other people, the happier you would be.

Who would’ve thought?

Did you know that in Canada, the Group of 5 program allows five Canadian citizens to privately sponsor a family of refugees?

The Government of Canada is the the only country in the world that encourages ordinary citizens to take such an important role in welcoming refugees to the country.

It’s a lot of work, with the sponsors required to raise enough money to support the refugee family for a year, and providing them with settlement assistance, help with e everything from finding homes to live in, and schools for the kids.

Which is why the Government of Canada rehires at least 5 Canadians to take part in the sponsorship process.

While the amount of hard work and collaboration involved in bringing a refugee family into Canada, and the time and effort required to help them transition into their new homes is daunting for most, the experience has proven to be a positive one for Canadian citizens.

The report also takes note of this interesting tidbit: both Canadians and Filipinos enjoy donating and volunteering.

63.4% of Canadians who responded to the survey reported that they had donated money to a charity, while 37.4% reported that they volunteered for an organization.

25.3% of Filipinos who responded to the survey reported that they had donated money to a charity, while 39.3% reported that they volunteered for an organization.

Perhaps it’s true what they say, money isn’t everything.

Source: Helliwell, J., Layard, R., & Sachs, J. (2019). World Happiness Report 2019, New York:Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

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