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After first opening in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2015, Filipinos in other parts of Canada have been yearning for Jollibee to open in their own cities. Opening soon, there will be two Jollibees in the province of Alberta, one in Edmonton and another in Calgary. So, why are Filipinos in Alberta so excited for Jollibee Edmonton and Jollibee Calgary to open?


Compared to the Philippines, Canada is a huge country. Filipinos haven’t been in Canada for very long (we’ve only been here since the 1950s, according to anecdotal data). For most, going to Canada is a one way ticket, oftentimes followed by a visit back only after many, many years.

That’s why Filipinos in Canada are excited whenever anything remotely Filipino arrives. The sense of nostalgia is strong in the Filipino community, and we will come out in great numbers to support anything that would remind us of the motherland.


Saskatchewan, Filipino population: 33,630

We like to joke around when it comes to the Prairies. We tell Filipinos moving to Saskatchewan that if you leave your door open and your dog goes out, not to worry. The land is so flat that even if it’s been a couple of days, you’ll still see your dog in the distance, wagging his tail.

Manitoba, Filipino population: 37,910

Manitoba holds the distinction of being the first entry point for Filipinos in Canada. Having said that, it’s also fitting that Jollibee open its first two Canadian branches in Winnipeg. It’s also cold, so very cold. There are almost 40,000 Filipinos who consider themselves proud Manitobans.

Quebec, Filipino population: 85,530

Ah, la belle province! Quebec holds a very special place in our hearts. Canada is a spectacularly beautiful country, but Quebec in particular has a unique old-world charm all its own. It’s also testament to how incredibly adaptable Filipinos are. We don’t usually speak French, but when you’re in Quebec, you’ve got no choice but. And to think, there are more than 80 thousand Filipinos already there. How would you say “eight sticks of pork barbecue to go, please?” en francais?

British Columbia, Filipino population: 158,215

The westernmost Canadian province is home to over 150 thousand Filipinos. That’s a lot. It’s also very expensive there. If you have relatives, make sure to take advantage of their hospitality and visit them. You won’t regret it, it’s very picturesque all year round. That, and it’s warm. Hollywood films most of its TV shows and movies in BC, so keep an eye out for some celebrities when you’re there.

Alberta, Filipino population: 175,130

When you think of Alberta, you think oil fields. Filipinos came to Alberta by the truckload when the global price of oil was sky-high. Everyone who was working in the oil industry ran to Alberta to strike it rich, and stayed when it hit rock bottom. Reports have it that Alberta has greater numbers of undocumented Filipino workers without status.

Ontario, Filipino population: 337,760

The province of Ontario is a great balance of everything you could probably want in Canada. It’s got the natural beauty, the cosmopolitan cities and super accessible international cuisine. By far, it’s the most populous province in the country. It comes as no surprise that most Filipinos live in Ontario. Jollibee is scheduled to open even more locations in Toronto, so if you thought that the lines when they opened in Winnipeg were ridiculous, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


Jollibee is popular because of the food they sell. Jollibee’s menu is best described as American-inspired fast-food. This includes Filipino versions of hamburgers, spaghetti and fried chicken.

The Yumburger is a basic hamburger with special Jollibee sauce, which might best be described as a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise. The Yumburger is also available in different variations, including with a slice of pineapple, a strip of bacon, lettuce and cheese (the Amazing Aloha).

Filipino spaghetti is the pretty unique. It’s super red and it’s got hotdog slices. Filipinos usually have this kind of spaghetti during birthday parties, because it’s fun for both kids and adults alike. Jollibee makes it super convenient for you, if you want to replicate the whole Filipino birthday party experience. Just don’t wear white whilst eating Jollibee Spaghetti (you’ll thank us later).

Let’s talk about Jollibee’s chicken. In the Philippines, it’s called ChickenJoy. In Canada, it’s not called ChickenJoy, it’s called Jolly Crispy Chicken. Something to do with the North American copyright holder Chick-N-Joy (established in 1968).

Whatever you call it, it’s definitely “crispylicous” (crispy on the outside)and “juicylicous” (juicy on the inside) at the same time. Just tell them you want ChickenJoy, they’ll know what you mean.


So far, Jollibee Canada has 4 locations:

  • Jollibee Winnipeg (on Ellice Ave.),
  • Jollibee Winnipeg (at the Northgate Shopping Centre),
  • Jollibee Scarborough (at Kennedy Commons) and
  • Jollibee Mississauga (at the Heartland Town Centre, inside Seafood City).

There are currently 851,410 Filipinos in Canada. That works out to about 212,853 Filipinos per 1 Jollibee.

By comparison, Jollibee has 1,000 locations in the Philippines. With a population of 100,981,437, that works out to about 100,981 Filipinos per 1 Jollibee.

We didn’t realize that there were that many Jollibees in the Philippines. Wow.

Now it looks like our friends in the YYC can expect not one, but two Jollibee locations to open very soon! According to our buddies at, the new locations for Jollibee Canada will be in Calgary and Edmonton.

The first Alberta location will be in Calgary at the Pacific Place Mall:

Jollibee Calgary (opening soon)
Pacific Place Mall
999 36th St., NE
Calgary, AB T2A 7X6

The second Alberta location looks to be in Edmonton, in a retail location:

Jollibee Edmonton (opening August 16, 2019)
3803 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, AB T6J 2J8

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