Sarah McLachlan to sing Canadian national anthem at NBA Finals Game 6


Canadian superstar Sarah McLachlan to sing Canadian national anthem at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California before Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

McLachlan, who is from Vancouver, is super pumped at the opportunity.


“It’s a crazy big deal,” McLachlan said before boarding her flight to the United States. “We as Canadians don’t get that many opportunities to celebrate being Canadian … and I love that I get to represent, in a small way, my country.”

The NBA actually approached her to ask her about singing O Canada before the Finals started, but she couldn’t it earlier because of her tight schedule.


McLachlan said that she will be singing the national anthem in the traditional way.

“Quite frankly, everyone just wants you to get on with it to get to the game,” McLachlan told CBC News. “So, I’m just going to sing it and I’m going to let the crowd sing. I’m sure there will be a lot of Canadians there to help.”


Will McLachlan wear Raptors red? You bet, but after she’s done singing O Canada.

As it turns out, McLachlan is a big basketball fan. She’s just as excited to watch the game as she will be singing the national anthem.


Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer and songwriter best known for her ballads, having sold 30 million albums.

McLachlan has been nominated for four Grammy Awards (and won three).

McLachlan also founded Lilith Fair, the concert series that showcased female musicians in the 1990s.

McLachlan has the distinction of having the first song to ever play on the Apple iPod when it was introduced in 2001. Her song “Building A Mystery” was used during the keynote that introduce the device in 2001.

McLachlan sang the opening song for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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