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Jordan Haworth has never had Jollibee, but when he heard that the Filipino fast-food giant was opening its first location in Edmonton, Alberta he packed his stuff and camped out outside the restaurant. Now Haworth is the first person in line at Jollibee Edmonton.

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Sitting on a lawn chair just outside the entrance, Haworth spoke to CTV New’s Sean Amato. He told Amato that he arrived at 9:00am on Tuesday August 13.

Jollibee Edmonton wouldn’t open until a full three days later.


Haworth has never been to the Philippines, nor has he ever tried food from Jollibee. He told CTV News: “My mother went to the Philippines to get a tattoo from the lady on the mountain, and when she came back, she would rave about it constantly. I’m still hearing about it.”

Perhaps it was the promise of the free chicken for a year. Or maybe he was just curious to see what all the fuss was about.

He’s already become quite the celebrity, with neighbouring restaurants offering him free food and use of their facilities. Filipinos have also come to take selfies with him.

Like he said, he’s not too familiar with Filipino culture, except for what his mum had shared with him. It’s been a pleasant surprise.


“It’s been so surreal taking all these pictures with people’s families. They were very excited to see me. I don’t know why. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me,” he told CTV News.

Haworth and everyone else standing in line behind him won’t have to wait much longer. Jollibee Edmonton’s doors open at 7:00am sharp, with Haworth and 49 other people behind him getting free Chickenjoy for a year.

Congrats, Jordan Haworth! Enjoy your free Chickenjoy!

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