Here are all eight Jollibee Canada locations (Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario & Saskatchewan)


Where are all the Jollibee locations in Canada?

It seems like every other week, there’s news of a new Jollibee opening in Canada. Here are all the Jollibee locations in Canada so far.



Jollibee Calgary
999 36th St. NE
Calgary AB T2A 7X6

Jollibee Edmonton
3803 Calgary Tr. NW
Edmonton AB


Jollibee Winnipeg
1406 Ellice Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R4G 0G4
(204) 772-6701

Jollibee Winnipeg
1377 McPhilipps St.
Winnipeg, MB R2V 3V1
(204) 515-3400


Jollibee Scarborough
Kennedy Commons
William Kitchen Rd.
Scarborough, ON M1P 5B7
(289) 203-4555

Jollibee Mississauga
Heartland Town Centre
800 Boyer Blvd.
Mississauga, ON L5V 1Y1
(647) 953-1100

Jollibee North York
79 Billy Bishop Wy.
North York, ON M3K 2C8

Jollibee Thornhill (coming soon)
Promenade Mall
1 Promenade Cir.
Thornhill, ON L4J 4P8


Jollibee Regina (opens on December 22, 2019)
2830 Quance St.
Regina SK S4V 3B9


Jolly Crispy Chicken

The Philippine’s best-tasting chicken has been described as both “crispylicious” and “juicylicious”. Best paired with Jolly Spaghetti, Chickenjoy is available in regular and spicy flavours. Different combos are available, as well as buckets and bucket combos. Don’t forget to let them know if you’d like spicy, regular or a little bit of both!

Jolly Spaghetti

If you haven’t tried Filipino spaghetti yet, you’re in for a treat. Described as the “cheesiest”, “meatiest” spaghetti around, Jollibee’s world famous Jolly Spaghetti is available by itself, or in a combo with a Chickenjoy. Feel like sharing? Jolly Spaghetti is also available as a Family and Party pack.

Palabok Fiesta

Jollibee’s take on a timeless Filipino noodle dish features premium rice noodles called “bihon”, and comes with hard boiled egg, meat, shrimp and pork rinds on a shrimp-based sauce.

Aloha Yum, Big Yum, Yum with Cheese, Yum

Jollibee’s 100% pure beef patty hamburgers with secret sauce and has been described as “langhap-sarap”. You’ve got your basic hamburger, it’s bigger version and the version with a slice of pineapple.

Burger Steak

Burgers without the buns, plus gravy. Jollibee’s 100% pure beef patty comes with steamed rice and mushroom gravy. You can order it as a combo or as a Family pack, which serves 3-4 people, depending on how hungry they are.

Peach Mango Pie

Jollibee’s dessert list isn’t very long, but it’s got it’s famous Peach Mango Pie. The combination of peach and mango in a light, crispy fried crust is to die for. Best served hot. If you’re not in the mood for a Peach Mango Pie, there’s always the ever reliable Chocolate Sundae.


Hundreds of Filipino Canadians stood in line for Jollibee’s first store in the province of Calgary which opened to the public on Friday, September 20, 2019.

The fast food behemoth from the Philippines is famous for its deep fried chicken, Filipino-style spaghetti and baked pastries.

Jollibee Calgary marks their seventh location in Canada.

Jollibee had previously said that it plans to open 100 locations across Canada by the year 2023.

Calgarian Tim Nixon was first in line, two days before it actually opened.

By the time Jollibee Calgary opened, there were 400 other people waiting in line with Nixon.

Speaking to Global News, Nixon said “I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen here. This is a total shock for me.”

Nixon had first tried Jolly Crispy Chicken during a trip to Las Vegas, NV.

Jollibee spokesperson Maribeth de la Cruz sees a bright future for the company in the province.

Speaking to Global News, de la Cruz said “We’re very optimistic about the future of Jollibee in Canada, specifically in Alberta,” Maribeth Dela Cruz from JFC North America said.

“To have this big crowd, it’s really overwhelming and we’re humbled by the turnout. We have another store lined up by Macleod Trail. It’s going to be a drive-through location, scheduled to open sometime next year.”

Jollibee opened its first location in the province, in the city of Edmonton.

That location served an incredible 8,000 customers on opening day.

The first person in line for Jollibee Edmonton had never even tried it before, but decided to camp out anyway.

Jollibee’s aggressive expansion in Canada is targeting the major urban centres where Filipinos are in large numbers.

In a press release, Jollibee said that “as the most populated city in Alberta and home to more than 100,000 Filipinos, Calgary was the natural choice for the next store location.”

Every opening in Canada has a sneak peek open to select people (usually local politicians and VIPs invited, as well as a few members of the public who receive invitations through a Facebook contest), and the first few people lining up on the first day receive a year of free chicken.

They’ve also been giving away limited edition Funko Pops, with the mascot wearing a Barong Tagalog.


Filipino fast food giant Jollibee is currently undertaking an aggressive expansion across Canada.

Jollibee is planning to open 100 branches in Canada within the next five years.

There are currently seven locations in Canada, two in Alberta, two in Manitoba and three in Ontario.

The first Winnipeg store opened in 2016, to massive crowds who stood in line in the dead of winter.

Curious Canadians joined thousands of Filipinos to check out what the fuss was all about, resulting in Jollibee’s wildly successful debut in Canada.

When asked by Retail Insider, Jollibee boss guy Jose Minana said that reaching the 100 branch objective was doable.

“It’s a matter of having the ability to ramp this up and as we look at our organization and our capabilities, 100 stores would be something that’s very realistic for us to do,” Minana told Retail Insider.

Many were surprised by Jollibee’s choice of Manitoba for the first location.

Minana explained to Retail Insider, “Winnipeg has the highest density of Filipinos in any city in Canada. There’s 70,000 Filipinos over there. And so right away we opened two and they’re doing very well. Clearly we’re planning to open a couple more there in Winnipeg but we started off by going over here, obviously to Ontario.”

Minana continued by saying that Jollibee decides to look into opening new locations where there are massive numbers of FIlipinos.

“In Canada, there are about 700,000 Filipinos. In the U.S., there are about 3.4 million Filipinos. However, here in Canada what we see . . . the market is very, very open to international brands. Very open to new types of products, regardless of where they come from,” Minana told Retail Insider.

Talking about what’s popular in Canada, Minana checked off the best items on the Jollibee Canada menu, “It’s amazing the number of Jolly Crispy chicken that we sell here in Canada. It’s a lot more than we sell in the Philippines on a per store basis. Our spaghetti is very, very unique. It’s sweet-style spaghetti with hot dogs . . . It’s a very Filipino tradition to have spaghetti for birthdays. I grew up with spaghetti in my younger days. Basically the majority did. There’s this belief that you’ve got to eat noodles, the longer the noodles the better because it’s for longer life. And Jollibee spaghetti has been part and parcel of the Filipino’s life as they grew up.”

Minana also spoke to Retail Insider about importing the ingredients For its popular baked pastry, the Peach Mango Pie, “We have peach mango pie. The mangos are all imported from the Philippines. We’re very proud of our mangos. It’s really one of the best in the world. You mix it with Western peach. It’s quite different. It’s a universally accepted product but with a very different twist. It makes it very unique.”

Jollibee has come a long, long way since its humble beginnings as an iced cream parlour in 1975.

It opened its 1,000th store in Dubai, UAE in 2015.

Jollibee is the Philippines’ largest fast food chain, successfully staving off multinational corporations such as McDonalds.

In recent years, Jollibee has undertaken massive expansion in international markets including the US, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei.

Jollibee is the largest food service company in Asia, with a presence in 16 countries and over four thousand stores across the world.


Yes, Canada has Jollibee.

In fact, Jollibee has announced that they are planning to open 100 locations across the country within the next five years.

Jollibee currently has seven locations in Canada, two in Alberta, two in Manitoba and three in Ontario.


No, there are currently no Jollibee locations in Montreal.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see one open in the la belle province very soon.

Bonjour, Jollibee!


Currently, all seven locations in Canada are owned by Jollibee Food Corporation.

Interested in franchising? Send a quick email to Jollibee USA’s boss lady, Agnes Briones. We’re sure she’d love to connect with you if you have proposals in mind and would like to make a few site offers.

Her email is:


No, there are currently no Jollibee locations in Vancouver.

We are very confident that Jollibee will soon be announcing additional locations in the West Coast. Stay tuned!

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