An OFW Guide to the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

Thinking about starting a new life in Canada with your family? Think you have the skills, education and work experience to make a positive contribution to the Canadian economy? Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream and go to Canada under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program.


Filipinos workers who have the skills, education and work experience to make a meaningful contribution to the economy of New Brunswick Canada can apply under the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream.

Applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements of the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream by having an employment offer from a Canadian Employer from the province, and also plan on living and working in New Brunswick on a permanent basis.


Canadian employers from New Brunswick, like many across Canada, often have a difficult time finding qualified workers to fill positions in their companies.

Oftentimes, they have to look outside Canada to find qualified workers.

The New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream allows Canadian Employers from the province to hire Filipino Workers who have the skills, education and work experience they need to fill these available positions.


The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is an immigration program that allows the provincial Government of New Brunswick to nominate Filipino Workers who have the necessary skills, education and work experience to permanently live and work in the province.

The NBPNP helps Canadian Employers from the province to find Filipino Workers who can fill available job positions in their companies.

Under the NBPNP, qualified Filipino Workers are hired by Canadian Employers from New Brunswick and after meeting the minimum requirements, can apply for Permanent Residency.

Remember, applying under the NBPNP requires that both the Canadian Employer and the Filipino Worker meet the minimum requirements for both the Philippine Government and the Government of Canada.

There are two stages of approval before Filipino Workers can be granted Permanent Residency:

1) You have to first apply for a Nomination Certificate under the NBPNP.

Provided that you meet the minimum requirements of the NBPNP, you can proceed to submit an online application. Your documents will be reviewed by New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL), and you may be asked to attend an interview.

2) You have to submit an application to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for Permanent Residency.

If you receive a Nomination Certificate from PETL, you can then apply for Permanent Residency with IRCC.

Your NBPNP application will be sent to the IRCC office in Sydney, NS, where your Permanent Residency application will be processed.

Remember, nomination under the NBPNP is just a step in a long process; you’re only under a Work Permit until you successfully apply for Permanent Residency.

Only IRCC can make a decision whether or not to grant you (and your family) Permanent Residency.


Provincial Nominee Programs such as the NBPNP have very limited slots available, and are dependent on many factors, including the number of slots given to the provincial governments by the federal Government of Canada, the number of Filipino Workers applying for each available position and the current job positions available at the time of application.

PETL is the provincial department responsible for determining which immigration programs will be available, dependent on how many Filipino Workers apply. If there are enough applications, PETL can close immigration programs without advanced notice.


PETL will process applications from Filipino Workers at its own discretion; that means it will prioritize applications from Filipino Workers who have the best chance at becoming successful in New Brunswick.

PETL will not process applications on a first come, first served basis.


If a Filipino Worker provides incomplete and untruthful information during the application process, the application will be refused due to misrepresentation, regardless of whether or not the minimum requirements for the NBPNP or Permanent Residency application has been met.

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