How to Register for the Canada Job Fair: step-by-step guide


Canadian Employers from New Brunswick will begin Manila conducting information sessions about the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Here’s everything you need to know about how to register for the Canada Job Fair this October.


Before you start packing your bags for Canada, there are a couple of things you should know about the upcoming Canada Job Fair in Manila.

The Job Fair isn’t open to the public. Like in years past, the Government of New Brunswick sends out invitations to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) through an online system that you have to register (for free).

Also, this isn’t exactly a normal Job Fair in the traditional Filipino sense.

Although you’ll get to meet representatives from the Government of New Brunswick, as well as the Canadian Employers who will be hiring OFWs, you will still need to meet the requirements of both the Philippine Government AND the Government of Canada before you can leave the Philippines to start your new life in Canada.

Before you click the link, get all of this together:

The photo page of your current (and valid) Philippine passport (required)
Visa for your current country of legal residence (required if your current country of legal residence is not your country of citizenship)
Your language test results (required if you have complete a language test)
Your ECA report (required if you have completed an ECA assessment)
Your CV (optional)
Your Spouse’s CV (optional) (if applicable)
Current driver’s license (front and back in a single document)

You also need a computer with an internet connection, a scanner (or phone, so you can take digital copies of those documents) and a valid email address.

When you’re ready, click on the link to start the registration process.


To join the Canada Job Fair in Manila on October 26 and October 27, you have to register online.

Registration online is not a guarantee that you will receive an invitation to join the Canada Job Fair. The Government of New Brunswick reserves the right to sift through the applications, and will invite only those who are qualified to apply.

What are they looking for? They’re looking for OFWs who have experience in specific backgrounds indicated with the following National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes:

NOC 6342 – Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and milliners
NOC 9446 – Industrial Sewing Machine Operators
NOC 9463 – Fish and Seafood Plant Workers

Enter your first name, then your last name, then your email address. Enter your email address for a second time, then click to agree with the terms of use. Click on the next button to move to the next page.


The first page will require you to enter your education and work experience.

Not that you have had to have finished at least high school to apply, if you choose “No” for the question “Did you complete high school?” You will not be able to proceed.

Next indicate your highest education level from the drop down box.

Next, enter your formal education field. For example. if you graduated with a degree in Business Management, put “Business Management”.

If you have a valid Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) choose yes. If not, choose no.

You have to be able to meet the minimum employment requirements to attend this Job Fair. In the next field, enter your professional experience for the last ten years.

The next field allows you to upload your resume (CV). Make sure that it’s the most up-to-date copy before you attach it.

If you have a spouse, indicate what their occupation is. If not, leave this field blank (or put N/A).

If your spouse is employed, or has previous work experience, you can upload their resume (CV) in the next field.

Click on the check box to save. Clicking on the next button will take you to the next page.

Take note that when you proceed to the next page, you will not be able to return to the previous page.


The next page will be asking for your Philippine passport details, as well as financial and personal information.

First, choose your country of citizenship. Choose from the drop down box.

Next enter your passport number. The following field will ask for your passport’s expiry date.

Then, upload a digital copy of your Philippine passports data page (the one with your picture on it).

Next, indicate which is your country of current residence.

If your country of current residence is different from your country of citizenship, upload a digital copy of your residence visa.

Next, enter your age, then your date of birth.

Then answer if you can speak English or French.

The next question asks if you passed the following language proficiency tests: IELTS, CELPIP, TEF or TCF.

The next question is about Proof of Funds (or Show Money). Indicate the amount you have available by choosing from the drop down box.

The next set of questions will determine your retention and adaptability.

The Government of New Brunswick wants you to stay, and not use New Brunswick as a stopover before you head over to other, more populated parts of Canada.

Answer “Yes” or “No” if you have relatives in New Brunswick.

Answer the next question if you have relatives in another Canadian province.

Answer the next question if you or anyone in your immediate family has a medical condition.

Last question in this page asks if anyone in your immediate family has a criminal record.

Remember, misrepresentation (not telling the truth) can be grounds for the refusal of your application.

Click on the check box to save the page, then click the next button to proceed to page 3.


Page 3 starts off by asking you to select your occupation. Do so using the drop down box.

The next question asks you how many years you have in this occupation. The minimum answer is 5.

The Government of New Brunswick conducts video interviews as part of its nomination process. Choose from WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Click on the check box to save the page, and click the next button to proceed to page 4.


Congratulations, you made it to page 4.

Page 4 is just a statement saying that registration to the Canada Job Fair is not a guarantee that you will be invited.

The Government of New Brunswick will go through the applications and sent out invitations by email indicating the times and venues for the Job Fair.

To start your free registration, click on this link:

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