Immigrate to Canada: OFW finally becomes Canadian citizen after 10 years

Canadian citizen
OFW Cecille Gonzales finally became a Canadian citizen after 10 years. Via @NorthumberlandNews

After almost ten long years, Cecille Gonzales finally became a Canadian citizen. Along with 37 other permanent residents, the OFW finally becomes Canadian citizen in simple ceremonies in the town of Coburg, Ontario. 


Gonzales spoke with Northumberland News, saying that she’s been waiting for quite some time for this moment. “For nine to 10 years you work hard, so it’s exciting to get it.”

“You come here and start as a worker, then you complete your program and have to apply for permanent residency,” Gonzales continued. “There are a lot of things, so it’s not just getting one piece of paper in just one month.”

In order to become Canadian citizens, permanent residents must meet the minimum requirements to be able to apply.


After having taken the citizenship exam, Gonzales was told where she would take her Oath of Citizenship, the town of Coburg, Ontario.

Coburg, Ontario is about 95 kilometres east of Toronto, where Gonzales is based.

Coburg is known as the Gem of Lake Ontario, because of its location, sitting on the shore of the lake.

With a population of just over 19,000, the picturesque town is rich in history and culture.

The citizenship ceremony, which was held at the Concert Hall at Victoria Hall, was attended by local politicians, who helped welcome the new Canadian citizens and their guests.


Among the guests were Judge Rodney Simmons, who oversaw the citizenship ceremony, former Member of Parliament Paul Macklin, Mayor John Henderson of the Town of Coburg and Mayor Bob Crate of the municipality of Trent Hills.

Judge Simmons had a message for the 38 new Canadian citizens: 

“There were 38 candidates for citizenship coming from 27 different countries. It certainly gives us pause to reflect on the fact that we started out with 38 people from 27 countries, but we are ending with 38 people from one country.”

Judge Simmons also touched on Canada’s strengths: “Your success is now our success. In this country, diversity is our strength and we truly hold precious the qualities of respect, tolerance and kindness.”

Judge Simmons concluded “I can only imagine how you must feel today — certainly full of pride and dreams of a bright future. Many of you have come from afar and have overcome significant challenges to make this your new home in Canada.”

Macklin also wished the new Canadian citizens the best, saying that “Canada is more than a flag with a red maple leaf on it, but that is symbolic of who we are as a country. With this citizenship you will always have a home which is peaceful, safe and secure.”

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