Justin Trudeau really, really wants you to apply for Canadian citizenship

Justin Trudeau

The Government of Canada understands that welcoming Newcomers to Canada is key to growing its population as well as its economy. That’s why Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada relaxed some of its immigration rules and regulations during their first mandate, making it easier for permanent residents to apply for citizenship. Soon, they will make things even easier, by providing eligible permanent residents with free Canadian citizenship!


Right now, eligible permanent residents must pay CAD530.00 (approximately PhP20,294.87) to be able to apply for Canadian citizenship. 

There is also an additional CAD100.00 (approximately PhP3,829.22) Right of Citizenship fee that you need to pay, bringing it to a total of CAD630.00 (approximately PhP24,124.10).

That’s for every member of your family, BTW. 


During the last election, Justin Trudeau promised to eliminate those fees, to encourage more permanent residents to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The high cost of application is considered by many as a significant obstacle towards many permanent residents wanting to become Canadian citizens.

Statistics Canada predicts a sharp dip in citizenship applications as many permanent residents wait for the Trudeau government to fulfil its campaign promise, followed by a surge as people take advantage of the elimination of application fees.

Fulfilling the promise made during the election campaign will not come cheap, however. The Government of Canada is expected to shoulder the cost, which is expected to be over CAD100 million.

There are some, however, that don’t agree with eliminating the application fees entirely, saying that the promise to do so was excessive and look more like political positioning rather than evidence-based policy making.


Whatever the case may be, expect Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) minister Marco Mendicino to make an announcement about it very soon.

What about you guys? Will you be waiting to see if the Government of Canada eliminate the Citizenship application fees before you apply?

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