How to write a letter to Santa in Canada

Write Santa

Santa Claus is rather busy this time of the year, but he makes sure that he writes back to all the little boys and girls who take the time to write him a quick note. Here’s how to write a letter to Santa in Canada.


Santa gets a lot of letters through his friends from Canada Post

Teachers at school and parents from all across Canada helps little boys and girls write their letters to Canada, and Canada Post makes sure that he gets it in time for him to write them back!

Make sure that you drop off the letters on time so that your kids get a response! Santa Clause and Canada Post are super busy this time of year, as you can imagine.


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Even though Santa Clause is super busy, he will make sure to write your kids back!

You could help him out by making sure to write down your address so he know where to send his reply, and make sure that you drop off your kids letters before December 12, 2019.


Writing Santa Clause is a proud Christmas tradition in Canada! 

Every year Santa and his elves partner with Canada Post to make sure that every child gets a reply. 

Encourage your kids to write a letter to Santa. Did you know that Santa speaks over 30 languages? Send him a letter, and he’ll do his best to respond in the language used to write him!

If you got friends and family around the world, he’ll do his best to write them back too (although he might need a bit more time to do so!).

Don’t forget to include your full address on the envelope so that he knows where to send his reply. No need for stamps if you mail the letter in Canada. 

Just drop them off at any Canada Post mailbox or Canada Post Locations in Shoppers Drugmarts.

Make sure you send those letters out before December 12, 2019 to make sure that Santa has enough time to write back!

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