Canada’s illegal immigration problem with International Students

Illegal immigration problem

Just like everyone else, Canada has a bit of an illegal immigration problem.

Thousands of foreigners cross Canada’s borders every year, with many more thousands arriving at airports with the intent of staying in Canada past the validity of their Visitor Visa. Some foreigners even destroy their passports, while others apply for refugee status.


50,390 foreigners applied for asylum in this manner in 2018, increasing to 55,035 but 2018.

Foreigners who apply for asylum this way cost Toronto over CAD75 million a year.

The federal Government of Canada spends over CAD1.3 billion to process asylum applications.

That’s just the start of Canada’s illegal immigration problems.


Recruitment agencies and unscrupulous immigration lawyers and consultants work with foreigners to come to Canada to exploit the country’s immigration system.

Statistics Canada recently released a report stating that one out of every 3 International Students are coming to Canada and not going to school like they’re supposed to.

Instead, they’re working illegally for Canadian employers, in direct violation of their Student Visas.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issues almost 320,000 Study Permits a year.

There are almost 573,000 International Students in Canada in 2018, up 73% from 2015.

Immigration fraud is rampant, with many foreigners submitting fraudulent information as part of their applications.

English language test results are being provided to foreigners  who have no intention to go to school. Instead of going to school, they go to work and try to look for a path to apply for Permanent Residency.


The Globe and Mail reported that trucking companies are hiring International Students, offering to give them employment letters to help in their applications for Permanent Residency.

Unscrupulous third party representatives like immigration consultants often encourage foreigners to apply as an International Student, and not to go to school but instead to work illegally until such a time they can apply for Permanent Residency.

Canada’s new immigration minister, Marco Mendicino is a lawyer who has experience working against people who are a threat to Canada’s security and safety.

Mendicino previously worked as a federal prosecutor, and was part of the team that put the Toronto 18 terrorist group in jail.

Justin Trudeau has committed to welcoming 350,000 new immigrants to Canada annually through its different immigration programs.

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