Municipal Nominee Program (MNP) will open 5,000 new slots

Municipal Nominee Program

The Government of Canada will soon introduce a new immigration program that will allow smaller communities to choose eligible foreign workers based on their labour requirements. The program will be called the Municipal Nominee Program (MNP).


During the last election, Justin Trudeau promised that his government would create a new program that would spread the economic benefits of immigration, sharing it with Canada’s smaller communities.

In the mandate letter sent to his new immigration minister, Trudeau gave instructions to start working on the program as soon as possible.

The MNP will allow smaller communities to be more involved in the selection of eligible foreign workers.

Trudeau’s mandate letter to his immigration minister, Marco Mendicino has received instructions to allocate 5,000 slots for the MNP.


Mendicino said in a statement that the MNP is another example of Canada’s innovative immigration programs.

Canadas immigration programs “draw on local experiences, expertise, capacities to understand where are the labour shortages, where are the economic opportunities and how that information can help us select individuals who wish to come to Canada to ply their trade, to fulfil their opportunity.”

Over the past 10 years, over 75% of the country’s population growth is due to immigration.

Immigration will account for 80% of population growth by 2031.


The Government of Canada has special arrangements with provincial and territorial governments, allowing them to nominate eligible skilled workers under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

The PNPs allows provincial and territorial governments to nominate eligible skilled workers who can contribute to their economies.

Similar programs, including the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) focus on sharing the economic benefits of welcoming new immigrants to their communities.

New immigrants to Canada often gravitate to larger urban centres such as Toronto and Vancouver, leaving smaller communities bereft of the economic benefits of welcoming eligible foreign workers.

The new MNP will not only help attract, but also retain eligible foreign workers in Canada’s smaller communities.


The MNP will be more focused in making sure that eligible foreign workers are properly matched with the specific needs of the local communities.

The MNP will ensure that the new immigrants will not only have arranged employment, but be properly welcomed with the necessary supports in the community.

Bringing in eligible foreign workers to boost Canada’s population is key to its economic success.

New immigrants not only address labour shortages, but also help offset the number of Canadians leaving the workforce.


Trudeau also instructed Mendicino to increase the number of new immigrants to 1 million within three years.

“This continues our modest and responsible increases to immigration, with a focus on welcoming highly skilled people who can help build a stronger Canada,” Trudeau said in the letter.

Funds have also been allocated to provide settlement services to new immigrants and their families to help them become engaged and productive members of their new communities. More details about the Municipal Nominee Program will be available very soon.

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