Philippines ready to evacuate OFWs from Iraq amid growing tensions

OFWs from Iraq
President Duterte has ordered his military leaders to establish plans to evacuate over 7,000 OFWs from Iran and Iraq in case hostilities break out in the region. Via @GovPH

Philippine President Rodrigo S. Duterte has given orders to his country’s military to prepare to evacuate thousands of Overseas Filipino Workers OFWs from Iraq and Iran.


This comes after a military strike by the United States, resulting in the death of a top ranking Iranian military official.

Other countries with large numbers of foreign workers in the region are preparing their own evacuation procedures just in case there is an escalation in hostilities in the region.

South Korea is looking at increased protections for its nationals working in Iraq and Iran, while Indi has said that it wasn’t planning to start evacuating its nationals at this point in time.


Duterte called for an emergency meeting to discuss evacuation plans with his military and civilian leadership.

Duterte expressed his concern about the hostilities in the Middle East, where there are more than 1 million OFWs, “Iran seems to be hell-bent on a retaliation, which I think will come. It’s a matter of time … the cry for blood is there.“

US President Donald Trump has threatened more military strikes if Iran carries out attacks on American citizens.

Iraq’s parliament has called for the removal of US military personnel from the country, with Trump threatening to impose stiff sanctions if they were to push through with those plans.

The Philippines is looking to establish ways of safely evacuating OFWs from Iran and Iraq just in case there is an escalation of hostilities in the the region.


There are more than 7,000 OFWs in Iraq and Iran, with many working for US companies in the city of Baghdad.

There are an unknown number of undocumented OFWs in the region.

Do you have relatives or friends who are working in Iran or Iraq? Encourage them to get in touch with the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General in their country of employment.

For relatives of OFWs in affected countries, you may contact the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)’s hotline by dialling 1348 (in Manila).

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