Justin Trudeau Beard: New Year, New You

Justin Trudeau beard
The Canadian prime minister is trying out a new look: the Justin Trudeau Beard. Via @AdamScotti

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has started 2020 sporting a new look: the Justin Trudeau Beard.


People have always focused on how Justin Trudeau looks. Unsurprisingly, every little change results in becoming a national headline.

Justin Trudeau has been the subject to many, many memes. He’s been likened to Prince Charming, having graced many magazine covers including Rolling Stone.

Media coverage hasn’t always been kind, especially since photos of Justin Trudeau wearing blackface were leaked last year.


Justin Trudeau’s official photographer, Adam Scotti, shared the photo on his Instagram page.

The photo shows a pensive Justin Trudeau with a salt and pepper beard with his hands held up to his face.

The prime minister has been on vacation with his family in Costa Rica.

He starts the new year facing many issues, both domestic and international. A conscious effort seems to be made to create a more serious image of Justin Trudeau, to leave behind memories of the scandalous blackface photos and the embarrassing costumes during his trip to India.


The prime minister has indicated that he plans to take a lower-profile approach towards governing.

During an interview with the Canadian Press, Justin Trudeau has said that “the place that the visuals or the role that I took on in leading this government sometimes interfered with our ability to actually talk about the really substantive things we were able to get done.”

Whether his new facial hair will help him get that done remains to be seen.

Now, there are two federal government leaders sporting facial hair.

The more, the merrier.

We wonder, is the Justin Trudeau Beard here to stay?


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