Running a country and taking care of three kids during a pandemic


Think you’re having a hard time during the pandemic? Try running a country AND taking care of three kids.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is having a harder time than most during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Not only is he responsible for running a country, but he’s also got to make sure that his kids take a bath every day and pick up their toys off the floor.


Parents across the world are realizing just how difficult it can be to work from home, especially with the children also in the same house.

This is what millions of Canadian parents are faced with, a direct result of companies shutting down because of the pandemic.

Trudeau has it a little bit difficult than most people. For one, he’s the leader of a G7 country. For another, he’s got three kids to take care of by himself, making sure that they’re fed AND entertained while trapped indoors with their parents.

What’s going on? Well, we’ve got a wee bit of a global health crisis. Every country in the world is dealing with outbreaks of COVID-19, Canada included.

Then Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Grégoire came home after a trip from London, England, not feeling well. Turns out she caught a bit of a bug during that trip. Coming home, she had herself tested.

Results were positive for COVID-19.

As a result, Trudeau had to isolate himself. While he’s not showing any symptoms, he’s had to stay indoors, taking care of three kids and taking calls from world leaders.

Hopefully, with pants on.

His wife is apparently feeling better, staying in a different part of the house so as not to infect the rest of her family.

Trudeau said that the kids are keeping themselves occupied with LEGO, but we’re thinking that that might not last very long. How they’re managing in such an enclosed space, and getting the job of a prime minister done is quite frankly amazeballs.


Actually, he had two caregivers early on to look after his kids when they were younger. He let them go early on, apparently it was the most politically expedient thing to do at the time.

While he does have a lot of staffers on his team, we don’t think it’s their job to pick up after their kids. Hence the pile of toys buried in snow outside the front door of their house. You can see it during his daily press conferences.

And since he’s in self isolation, everyone is keeping their distance. His staff prepares his family’s meals, which he has to pick up outside his front door himself.


During the weekend, Trudeau took a moment to thank children all across Canada, for their patience during this admittedly challenging times.

“To all the kids out there, all of a sudden you’ve heard you can’t go on play dates or have sleepovers. Your playgrounds and schools have closed, and your March Break was certainly different than what you’d hoped for. I get it from my kids as well, they’re watching a whole lot more movies, but they miss their friends, and at the same time, they’re worried about what’s going on out there in the world and what their future may hold, “ he said.

“I know this is a big change, but we have to do this not just for ourselves, but for our grandparents, our nurse, our doctors and everyone working at our hospitals. And you kids are helping, a lot. The doctors and scientists have been clear that social distancing – which means staying at least two metres apartment, and staying home as much as possible – is the best way to help each other. And you’re having to wash your hands, a lot. So a special thanks to all you kids. Thank you for helping your parents work from home. For sacrificing your usual day, for doing math class around the kitchen table and for trusting in science.”

He strikes us as being a good dad to his kids, it was really nice of him to take the time out of his busy schedule to talk to the kids. And to keep his pants on during those important video conferences.

Keep up the great work that you do running a country and taking care of your kids, Justin Trudeau.

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