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Umbrella Academy Season 2
The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix on July 31, 2020. Via @Netflix

The second season of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy is now available.

Did you know that most of the show was filmed in Canada?


The Umbrella Academy is one of our favourite shows on Netflix. The show is based on the Dark Horse Comics series of the same name created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.

Volumes 1 to 3 are available at bookstores and online retailers such as Comixology and Apple Books.

The Umbrella Academy Vol 1: Apocalypse Suite
The Umbrella Academy Vol 2: Dallas
The Umbrella Academy Vol 3: Hotel Oblivion

The first season revolves around seven siblings who return home after the sudden (and suspicious) death of their adoptive father.

The second season finds the Hargreeves time travelling back to the 1960s, forced to work together to find a way to stop the apocalypse (again).

The cast includes Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, Emmy Raver-Lampman, David Castaneda and Aidan Gallagher, who play the siblings.


David Castaneda – Diego Hargreeves / Number Two / The Kraken

Colm Feore – Sir Reginald Hargreeves / The Monocle

Aidan Gallagher – Number Five / The Boy

Tom Hopper – Luther Hargreeves / Number One / Spaceboy

Justin H. Min – Ben Hargreeves / Number Six / The Horror

Ellen Page – Vanya Hargreeves / Number Seven / The White Violin

Emmy Raver-Lampman – Allison Hargreeves / Number Three / The Rumor

Robert Sheehan – Klaus Hargreeves / Number Four / The Seance


The show is set in an unnamed city, but was actually filmed in the cities of Toronto and Hamilton, in the province of Ontario, Canada.

One of the first scenes, where one of the young mothers gave birth in the swimming pool, was filmed at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre on 1260 Dufferin St. in Toronto.

Scenes which show the entrance to the family’s mansion is located on 4 King St. E. in Hamilton.

The scene where the family gathers for the funeral is actually the Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre on 227 Front St. E. in Toronto.

The external shot where Sir Reginald presents his children to members of the press after the bank robbery was filmed at the Canadian National Railway Station on 60 James St. N. in Hamilton.

The scenes at Griddy’s Doughnuts were filmed at an old restaurant on 1187 Queen St. W. in Toronto.

The scenes at the Icarus Theatre were a combination of different locations, including the Elgin Theatre on 189 Yonge St. in Toronto and Massey Hall on 178 Victoria St. in Toronto.

The scenes where Vanya rehearses is at the Royal Conservatory of Music on 273 Bloor St. W. in Toronto.

The exterior scenes of Vanya’s apartment was filmed in Corktown (thanks, @ValerieLockerbie!) near 236 Queen St. E. in Toronto.

The exterior scenes where The Boy goes to investigate the prosthetic eye was filmed at the University of Toronto’s Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories on 80 St. George St. in Toronto.

Season 1, Episode 2 Run Boy Run – The exterior scenes of the shop where Cha Cha and Hazel interrogate the mechanic is located on 146 Ossington Ave. in Toronto.

Season 1, Episode 3 Extra Ordinary – The exterior shots of the convenience store was filmed at Queen’s Mini Mart on 1666 Queen St. W. in Toronto.

Season 1, Episode 5 Number 5 – The scenes where Klaus and Diego visit the Vietnam Veterans of Foreign Wars was filmed at the Moose Lodge on 3753 Lake Shore Blvd. W. in Toronto.

Season 1, Episode 5 Number 5 -The scene where Vanya and Leonard are having coffee was filmed at East Thirty Six, on 36 Wellington St. E. in Toronto.

Season 1, Episode 5 Number 5 – The scene where Klaus and The Boy meet the Handler was filmed on a side road near Dyment’s Market + Bakery on 416 Fallsview Rd. E. in Hamilton.

Scenes of The Handler’s base of operations was filmed at the David Dunlap Observatory at 123 Hillsview Drive in Richmond Hill.

The Argyle Public Library scenes were filmed at the Lillian H. Smith Library on 239 College St. in Toronto.

Season 1, Episode 6 The Day That Wasn’t – The scenes where Luther and Allison share an intimate dance was filmed at Allen Gardens on 160 Gerrard St. in Toronto.

Season 1, Episode 8 I Heard a Rumor – The external shots of the Rain Quail Bed and Breakfast where Hazel checks in with Agnes was filmed at the Rosebud Motel on 308351 Hockley Rd. in Orangeville.

Season 1, Episode 10 The White Violin – The flashback scenes were filmed at the Cotton Factory on 270 Sherman Ave. N. in Hamilton.

Additional shots were filmed near the Old City Hall on 360 Bay St. in Toronto.



Episode 1 “We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals”

Years after rising to fame as a young family of superheroes fighting grime, the Hargreeves return to their childhood home to say goodbye to their recently deceased father.

Episode 2 “Run Boy Run”

After returning from the future, Five begins his hunt for the owner of the fake eye. Little does Five know that the Commission has sent two assassins from the future to stop him.

Episode 3 “Extra Ordinary”

Luther and Allison become suspicious of Mother, while Cha-Cha and Hazel get closer to completing their mission.

Episode 4 “Man on the Moon”

Luther’s backstory is told, while Klaus puts ChaCha and Hazel to the test in the motel. Allison becomes more suspicious of Vanya’s new friend, Leonard.

Episode 5 “Number Five”

Five confides with Luther, while Klaus returns from a quick trip back in time. Without her meds, Vanya discovers something new about herself.

Episode 6 “The Day That Wasn’t”

Vanya isn’t very happy that the family is having a meeting without her, while Five starts his new job with the Commission. ChaCha is torn.

Episode 7 “The Day That Was”

While the family looks for the mysterious Harold Jenkins, Leonard helps Vanya to test her newfound powers.

Episode 8 “I Heard a Rumor”

Allison convinces a local cop to let her tag along to find out what happened outside the restaurant.

Episode 9 “Changes”

Vanya is shocked and in despair after making some unsettling discoveries, while Five ties up some loose ends.

Episode 10 “The White Violin”

Things come to a head as secrets are revealed, as the Hargreeves realize that the worst is yet to come.


Episode 1 Right Back Where We Started

The Hargreeves arrive in Dallas, Texas after the events of the first season. Five tries to track down his siblings to stop a new apocalypse.

Episode 2 The Frankel Footage

Luther encounters Vanya outside a bar, while Five makes a discovery in a roll of film that Hazel gave him. Police come knocking on Allison’s door.

Episode 3 The Swedish Job

Allison reconnects with Klaus, who now leads a religious cult. The Swedes give chase to Vanya.

Episode 4 The Majestic 12

While Allison looks for Ray, Vanya deals with a crisis on the farm. Five, Diego and Lila attend a party at the Consulate General of Mexico.

Episode 5 Valhalla

The Hargreeves have an emergency meeting to discuss the apocalypse, while Lila confronts her mum.

Episode 6 A Light Supper

Allison reveals her powers to Ray, while Dave pays Klaus a visit. The Handler negotiates with Five and the Hargreeves meet with their father.

Episode 7 Oga for Oga

Five time travels to 1982 while the remaining Hargreeves make some difficult decisions.

Episode 8 The Seven Stages

Five hatches a plan to stop the older version of himself as Vanya is interrogated by the FBI. Diego finds out what causes the apocalypse.

Episode 9 743

The younger and older Fives butt heads while a sibling makes a sacrifice for Vanya. Lila finds out what really happened to her parents.

Episode 10 The End of Something

The Hargreeves return to the farm to save Harlan and find themselves in a standoff with an army of assassins from the Commission.


Both seasons of the show are now on Netflix.

The cast shared this teaser for the new season. Always a good time when you get to listen to Tiffany‘s I Think We’re Alone Now. Check it out:
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