Job Bank website and mobile app to help you look for work in Canada

Job Bank

The Government of Canada‘s Job Bank is a free website and mobile app maintained and operated by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

If you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) interested in looking for a job in Canada, the Job Bank is a great place to start.

On both the website and the app, you’ll find a list of available jobs in Canada, as well as other great employment resources such as guides on how to make a Canadian resume.

Provincial and territorial governments submit a list of available jobs in their jurisdictions to ESDC, allowing you to narrow your search on the website and app by geographical location.

Canadian employers post available jobs on the Job Bank, especially those who are looking for foreign workers like yourself.

You can find jobs in different industries, and refine your search using different criteria including location and wages.


The website has more features available than the app, including being able to login to your Job Match user account, access your Job Alerts subscription and search for labour market information.

Canadian employers can only post jobs and use Job Match using the website.


The free Job Bank mobile app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Using the app, you can see the Canadian employers who have available job positions in your current location, save search criteria and set alerts when jobs become available and add jobs to your favourites list to keep track of them.

When you find a job you’d like to submit an application for, you have to follow the instructions indicated in the “How to Apply” section of the job posting.

The app does not collect your personal information and you don’t need to log in or create an account to use the app.


How can I search for jobs?

In the Search field, enter a job title, then enter a location, then click on the search button.

How can I narrow down my search?

You can narrow down your search by clicking on the filter icon.

You can filter the results by date, type of work, job type, education level required and location.

Can I change the way search results are displayed on the app?

Yes, you can change the way you see the results.

By default, you’ll see the results in a list view, but you can also change it into card view. In card view you can swipe left and right to view available results.

Why are there jobs listed outside my specified location?

The results you see are not limited to just the location you specified, but rather all available jobs nearby. This way, you don’t miss out on any jobs near the location you’ve specified.

You can specify a distance of 5 to 250 kms from your specified location.

How can I narrow the search to jobs that are near my current location?

To see jobs that are near you, choose “Use my location”.

If you’re not in Canada, the search results will show you all available jobs in Canada.

Why isn’t the app isn’t showing me any jobs nearby?

In order to see jobs near you, check your mobile device’s settings. Verify that you’ve allowed the app to “Use location services”. If you don’t allow the app to use your location, the search results will show all available jobs in Canada.

How can I apply for jobs I find on the app?

If you’d like to apply for a job, read the instructions indicated on the job posting.

Canadian employers can choose to ask you to apply by mail, in person, by telephone, by email, by sending a fax or by filling out an application form online.

For more information on how to apply, click on “How to Apply”.

Make sure to send a resume directly to the Canadian employer, not the Job Bank.

Why does the job posting on the app have a different job title than the one on the Canadian employer’s website?

When Canadian employers put up job postings on the website, they must use job titles according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC). The job titles and descriptions cannot be changes when posted on the website.

Sometimes, Canadian employers have to change the job titles on their company website to better describe the available job position.

How come I can see jobs from other websites?

Some jobs found on the website are from external partners who share available jobs positions.

These partners include: Career Beacon, Employ-Quebec, Jobilico, Monster, the Public Service Commission of Canada, SaskJobs and WorkBC.

You can tell which jobs come from external partners because they have icons indicating as such. When you click on the job position, you’ll be taken to the external partner’s website.

Why should I set an alert in the app?

When you set an alert using your search parameters, you can receive a notification when a new job becomes available on the website.

How do I create an alert?

First, search for a particular job. After a list appears, click on “Create alert” to receive a notification when a new job becomes available on the website.

You can set the frequency of notifications you get, depending on how often you want to receive alerts. Click on “Settings” then click on “Notifications”.

You can find your alerts by clicking on “Alerts” on the menu, then click on “Open notifications”.

To delete an alert, click on “Alerts” on the menu, then swipe left on the alert. When you delete an alert, you will no longer receive notifications for that particular job.

In case you’re not getting any alerts for a particular job, it might be because there aren’t any that match your job search criteria. You might want to expand your search parameters, including extending your search radius and changing your keywords by choosing a more generic job title.

Adding job postings to your favourites

If you find a job you’re interested in, click to add it to your “Favourites”. This will let you keep track of jobs you might be interested in so you can look at them later.

In the list view, click on the heart icon to the right of the job title. In cards view, swipe right to add it to your favourites. There’s also a heart icon at the bottom of the job posting.

You can manage your all favourites in one place, click on “Favourites” on the menu.

Your favourite jobs will stay in your favourites until you remove them manually. Jobs that are no longer available will have a flag indicating that it’s been taken off by the Canadian employer.

To remove a job from your favourites, click on the trash icon, click on the heart icon or click on “Remove from favourites”.

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