Top 10 source countries for new immigrants to Canada

top 10 source countries

Before the world went into lockdown, Canada continued to welcome new immigrants from all over the world. The top 10 source countries to Canada includes the Philippines.

Just before Canada announced travel restrictions and closed its borders, Marco Mendicino, minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) had announced that the Government of Canada was planning to increase the number of new immigrants it would allow into the country.

Since the pandemic started, Canada’s immigration system has been operating at a reduced capacity, with many Visa Application Centres (VACs) around the world closed, including the one in the Philippines.

IRCC just came out with statistics for the first four months of 2020, and the numbers show that over 74,000 immigrants still managed to make it to Canada, despite the pandemic.


The Philippines came in third, after India and China, as the top source countries for new immigrants to Canada.

Filipinos language proficiency in English, education and work experience continue to make them eligible for immigration to Canada.

Language proficiency in English remains a major component for eligibility in the Government of Canada‘s Express Entry System, as well as the different Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).


10. Brazil
9. Iran
8. France
7. Syria
6. Pakistan
5. Nigeria
4. USA
3. Philippines
2. China
1. India

New immigrants from China increased slightly in 2020, making up 10% of the total number of new immigrants for the period.

The number of new immigrants from the Philippines has remained relatively stable, making up 7% of the total number of new immigrants for the period.


The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on immigration numbers is still unknown, but it is possible that a redistribution of source countries will take place in the second half of 2020.

It is also possible that the rankings of the source country remain the same, since pending applications continue to be processed by IRCC were received prior to the pandemic.

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