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iOS 14

Apple has released the new operating systems for their iPhones and iPads, bringing a fresh look to the way users interact with their devices. IOS 14 is now available for download today, September 16, 2020.

Users will be able to do more with their iPhones and iPads than ever before, with iOS 14 making the experience of using their devices even more useful and personal.


iOS 14 is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11


On a compatible Apple device, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > SOFTWARE UPDATES. Make sure your device is plugged in and connected to a Wi-Fi network. Download and installation time will depend on your internet connection and device.



iOS 14 has a redesigned Home Screen, which allows users to access more information at a glance.

Users can now place Widgets on the Home Screen, including a Smart Stack which allows users to access information based on frequently used apps.

The App Library organizes users’ favourite apps in a simplified view. In the App Library, apps are sorted by category, making them easier to access.


Incoming calls taking up the entire screen is just a thing of the past with Compact Calls. With iOS14, phone calls (including FaceTime) will show in a new, smaller design.


Picture-In-Picture allows users to watch video or take a FaceTime call while using other apps.


iMessage and SMS now feature Pinned Conversations, where users can pin up to nine of their most important conversations.

Also new to iOS 14 are Group Photos, which can help users identify specific groups by adding photos, emojis or Memojis.

Also new are Mentions, which allows users to highlight people in group conversations. Users can further customize active group conversations to only receive notifications when they are mentioned.

Inline Replies allow users to reply to specific messages in the group conversation. A more focused view is also available, so that users can read their specific threads of the conversation if they wish.

New Memojis are now available, featuring new options to further customize the look of their Memojis.


Apple Maps have received new features, including increased privacy.

Electric Vehicle Routing allows users to plan their trip by finding charging stations along their routes.

Apple Maps have also created Guides for users to find interesting places to eat, shop and explore. Users can save Guides for future visits, which are automatically updated so that users can always receive the latest recommendations.


The new Translate app allows users to converse in 11 different languages.

To use the Translate app, users just need to speak into their iPhones. Favourite translations can be saved for later use.

The Translate app is available for full offline use by downloading the necessary languages.


Siri has also gotten a new compact design, that allows users to access Apple’s voice assistant without leaving the current app.

Using Web Answers, Siri helps users find answers they’re looking for from the best sources of information on the internet.

Siri continues to get even smarter, with 20x more facts than three years earlier.

Users can also now send Audio Messages using Siri.


The new Home app helps user manage their smart home better and more securely.

With improvements to the Home app, users can now add additional HomeKit accessories to their smart home. The Home app will even make suggestions to make Automations even easier.

Users can now check on their smart homes using the Home app’s new and improved visual status screen, which will show users which accessories need their attention.

The Home app now features Adaptive Lighting, which sets connected lights to specified colour temperatures depending on what time of the day it is.

Users can also define Activity Zones that connected smart cameras can use to receive alerts whenever there is motion detected.

Cameras and door bells attached to the Home app can help users identify people with Face Recognition. Users can tag people, and receive notifications whenever they appear on the camera.


Web browsing on iOS 14 has never been easier and safer, with Safari‘s performance and security improvements.

Safari can translate webpages using 7 different languages.

Safari uses JavaScript, helping users browse the web twice as fast than Chrome on Android devices.

Safari will now warn users if their password is not secure, and makes stronger, safer alternatives.

Safari prevents trackers from following you across websites. Users can use the Privacy Report to learn more about how websites treat their privacy.


Users with compatible vehicles can use CarPlay to unlock and start the ignition using their iPhones.

Car Keys can be shared with friends and family members, with users being able to customize controls and restrict access from their iPhones.

New wallpapers and apps are available on CarPlay on iOS 14, including apps for parking EV charging and even food ordering.


iOS 14 introduces new features to AirPods as well.

Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro provide users with a theatre-like audio experience. Dynamic head tracking puts the user in the right place, even if they are moving their heads or moving their devices.

New Battery Notifications will let users know when they need to take a quick break and charge their AirPods.

Automatic Switching allows users to move between devices easily. Users can finish a phone call on their iPhones, then continue watching a video on their iPad without having to switch their AirPods.

Headphone Accommodations helps user make adjustments to amplify soft sounds, making music and phone calls sound better.

Up to two sets of AirPods can connect Apple TV 4K so that users can watch TV shows and movies without disturbing anyone else.


App Clips are small snippets of larger apps, making it easier to discover new apps and use them when you need them.

Since they’re much smaller, App Clips are also easier to use. Users can just tap the App Clip to use them right away, without downloading the entire app.


iOS 14 gives users more control over their personal data.

Every app on the App Store has information available on its individual privacy practices which users can take a look at before initiating the download.

A new Recording Indicator will let users know when apps use their microphone or camera. Apps which have recently accessed users’ cameras and microphones are listed in Control Centre.

Users can use Sign in with Apple to login to frequently used websites and apps.

Users can now opt to use their Approximate Location rather than their exact location for apps like news and weather.


App Store – subscriptions are now available with Family Sharing. App details are easier to read on the App Store, with spell check enhancements and curated collections when searching.

Apple Arcade – users can discover new games on Apple Arcade. Games started on an iPhone can be carried over to an iPad, Mac or Apple TV with Continue Playing.

Augmented Reality – the new ARKit 4 provides users with delightful AR experiences using their front cameras, as well as improved face tracking on new iOS devices.

Camera – Taking photos is faster and easier with new exposure compensation controls. Users can lock exposure values while using focus lock for specific shots.

Game Centre – the redesigned Game Center makes gaming an even more social experience. Play games with friends and see your achievements and your place on leaderboards right from the App Store and Game Centre games.

Health – the Health App will help users manage their health using the Health Checklist, which includes data for mobility, health records, symptoms and ECG. The new Sleep experience in the Health app will help users meet their sleep goals. The Health app will also let users know sound levels on their AirPods that might be harmful to their hearing.

Notes – finding information on is now much faster, with the ability to capture information using sharper document scanning using the rear camera.

Photos – iOS 14 features new ways to filter and sort photos, including pinch and zoom.

Reminders – creating reminders is more effortless, thanks to quick entry and smart suggestions. Shared reminders can help assigning tasks easier, with members of shared lists now able to assign reminders to other users.

Default Email and Browser – users can now set different apps as default email and browsers.

Voice Memos – the Voice Memos app get new tools, including Enhanced Recording, which helps improve sound quality.

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