Minimum Wage Rates in Canada – by province and territory

minimum wage rates in Canada

Minimum wage rates in Canada are under provincial and territorial government jurisdiction. If you have any questions about your payslip, speak with your company’s payroll representative.

Being in Canada for the first time can be very exciting. After having settled in for a bit, it’s time to go look for a job!

There are plenty of entry level jobs to be had, no matter where you are. Especially when you are new, you’ll have to build up your resume for that all-important “Canadian Experience” everyone seems to be talking about. There’s no shame in taking on part-time position or two. In fact, it might be a good idea at the beginning, so you can have a good idea how things are done here in Canada.

When you take on an entry-level position, you can expect an entry-level salary. Know more about the minimum wages in your province.

Under the Constitution of Canada, provincial governments are responsible for implementing and enforcing labour laws.

Take a look at the minimum wage rates in Canada per province and territory:

Alberta $15.00
British Columbia $14.60
Manitoba $11.90
New Brunswick $11.70
Newfoundland and Labrador $12.15
Northwest Territories $13.46
Nova Scotia $12.55
Nunavut $16.00
Ontario $14.25
Prince Edward Island $12.85
Quebec $13.10
Saskatchewan $11.45
Yukon $13.71

If you take into account a 40 hour work week and 52 weeks of work, the lowest monthly income for a minimum wage earner is $1,811.33 (or $21,736.00 per year), while the highest monthly income would be $2,253.33 (or $27,040.00 per year).

Now, before you get excited and start packing your bags for Nunavut (population: 39,906), you may want to first check the weather here.

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