Drug addict who killed OFW on bus to be set free in Canada

drug addict who killed OFW

The convicted drug addict who killed OFW Caesar Rosales in 2014 will soon be set free in Canada.

Tyler Jack Newton will soon complete his 4 1/2 years prison sentence for the murder of Rosales in 2014.

Rosales was on a BC Transit bus on his way home from work on October 30, 2014, when Newton walked up to Rosales and stabbed him in the neck with a knife.

The two men had never met each other before the incident.

The 55 year old Rosales was working as an aerospace worker for Kelowna Flightcraft at the time of his death, while Newton had a long history of criminal behaviour and had been known as a heavy drug user.

The incident took place behind the Dilworth Shopping Centre.

After stabbing Rosales, Newton got off the bus and discarded the knife. Other passengers on the bus tried to administer first aid to Rosales but were unsuccessful.

He died on the bus before paramedics could arrive.

Rosales had just recently moved from Vancouver a few years before he was killed by Newton.

Police arrested Newton at his girlfriend’s home in Rutland, BC the following day.

Newton had 50 prior convictions prior to the incident, including for property crime and illegal drug use.

A psychologist’s report found that he was in a state of psychosis that was a result of prolonged use of illicit drugs including heroin, for which he tested positive on the day he killed Rosales.

Rosales’ brother, Darwin, flew in from the Philippines for the trial. He issued a statement after Newton asked for his family’s forgiveness.

“When the convicted killer asked for forgiveness he did not maintain eye contact to who he was asking forgiveness to. Besides, he stressed the fact that he just wanted to get his life back. My brother cannot be put back to life,” Darwin said.

Newton was sentenced to 7 years for manslaughter by Justice Heather Holmes in June 2016, and was given credit for time already served.

He was given a mandatory statutory release in 2019, but it was revoked when he tested positive for drugs. It was found that he had taken crystal meth the very day he was released.

He was given another mandatory statutory release in June 2020, which was again revoked when he tested positive for drugs. He was returned to jail right after the test results were received.

Newton is scheduled to be released in December 2020.

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  1. There is no fair justice here. How can someone be set free for killing innocent people for committing several offenses over and over again. This is a no-brainer, he should spend the rest of his life in prison or even a death sentence. This is so unfair. No one is safe now.

  2. this guy had a long history of drug use and crime committed, he should stay locked in jail for the rest of his life for murdering innocent people, he is psychotic and dangerous to the community where he live in, if he get free from his crime, what is the guarantee that he will not commit again in the future? wait till another innocent life is wasted, and it’s too late to lock him up permanently. Time to be more sensitive to the rights of innocent people than the rights of a recidivist individual.

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