Marshall McLuhan Fellowship awarded to ANC’s Christian Esguerra

Marshall McLuhan Fellowship

The Marshall MacLuhan Fellowship is awarded to Filipinos in recognition of their work in the field of investigative journalism. This year’s recipient is ABS-CBN NewsChristian Esguerra.

The award is given by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) and the Embassy of Canada in Manila to Filipino journalists who have shown excellence in their field of endeavour.

Esguerra also received an award for distinction from CMFR in 2019.

The Philippine Star‘s Camille Diola received the award for distinction for 2020.

Canadian ambassador to the Philippines HE Peter MacArthur presented the award to Esguerra during the Jaime V. Ongoing Journalism Seminar.

“This year’s McLuhan fellowship goes to a journalist whose passion for the craft transcends new platform and whose proficient mastery to discover and explain the facts restricts the space for disinformation to thrive,” MacArthur said during the seminar.

The Marshall McLuhan Fellowship was first given out in 1997. Since then, accomplished Filipinos have travelled to Canada to speak about their experiences as journalists in the Philippines, including:

  • Sheila S. Coronel,
  • Yvonne Chua,
  • Ed Lingao,
  • Carolyn Arguillas,
  • Cheche Lazaro,
  • Patricia Evangelista,
  • Glenda Gloria and
  • Miriam Grace Go

Esguerra spoke about the need for journalists to continue to hold politicians accountable, even in the middle of the pandemic.

“As always [media] coverage can still improve a lot. There’s a lot of pushback or effort from media to clarify things and hold them to account. But if you look at other issues – ABS-CBN franchise, speakership – we see there’s a tendency for media practicitioners to fall for the spin…. Kailangan ng karagdagang tapang (More courage is needed) because a lot of us in the media are actually meek,” Esguerra said during the seminar.

Esguerra is scheduled to go to Canada for a speaking tour on March 2021.

Esguerra is an anchor known for his work with ANC as well as the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


The Marshall McLuhan Fellowship was established in 1997 between the University of Toronto and the Embassy of Canada in the Philippines in recognition of Filipinos who have distinguished themselves in the field of investigative journalism.


Herbert Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian philosopher who is best known for his work which established the study of media theory.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, McLuhan studied at the University of Manitoba and the University of Cambridge.

He went on to become a professor of English at different universities all across North America.

The expression “The Medium is the Message” and the term “Global Village” is credited to McLuhan.

McLuhan also predicted the internet almost 30 years before it was invented.

McLuhan’s academic work was controversial during his life, but when access to the internet became more widespread in the late 20th century, interest in his work was renewed.

McLuhan died in 1980, he is buried in Thornhill, Ontario.

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