Filipino family celebrates first Christmas in Canada

First Christmas in Canada

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Filipino family left the Philippines to start a new life in Canada. Now, they’re celebrating their very first Christmas in Canada.

The San Pedro family spent their first two weeks in Canada in an AirBNB in quarantine.

Seven months later, Nikko San Pedro, her husband Harold and their daughters Raniell Nicole and Safiya Gabrial have settled in their new home in Nova Scotia quite nicely.

Nikko spoke with Noushin Ziafati of the Cape Breton Post, telling her that everything was going well.

“We’re adjusting really well, our kids are doing well in school and (my husband and I) are adjusting in our workplaces,” she told the Cape Breton Post.

The San Pedro family is spending their first Christmas in Canada, and they are thankful for the community’s generosity.

Coming from a tropical country, Canadian weather takes some getting used to.

“We’re just getting accustomed now because it’s starting to get cold,” she told the Cape Breton Post. “Some Filipino friends gave us their winter jackets, so we were not really fussy about using secondhand clothes.”

Harold was at work and the kids were at school when the first snow fell. He marked the occasion with a photo taken by an officemate, while the kids played in the snow with their classmates.

“All of us were really excited,” Harold told the Cape Breton Post.

The San Pedro family is grateful for the opportunity for moving to Canada, so much so that they’re already giving back to their community.

While making sure that their home was decorated and that there were gifts under the tree, Nikko also took time to help the less fortunate, by delivering food during the holidays.

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