Filipinos at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in Canada

Filipinos at the forefront

Filipinos at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in Canada are putting their personal safety at risk to help, including Richard Cruz.

Cruz is works for Nova Scotia Health‘s environmental services department.

He spoke with the Cape Breton Post‘s Sharon Montgomery, telling her how he always thought that his job was important, but that the pandemic really made it even more so.

“I clean the COVID assessment centre,” Cruz told the Cape Breton Post. “I go between there and the (Cape Breton) regional hospital every day.”

Before being hired by Nova Scotia Health, Cruz worked for McDonald’s as a supervisor. He also worked part-time cleaning offices around the city.

Cruz told the Cape Breton Post that he loves his job, which allows him to spend more time with his wife and two young children.

When news of the pandemic broke, Nova Scotia Health moved quickly to provide extra training to Cruz and his colleagues. They were taught how to use personal protective equipment, as well as how to follow brand new public health protocols.

When the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 finally appeared in Nova Scotia, Cruz and his colleagues were prepared.

At the start of the outbreak, Cruz and his wife were expecting their second child.

“During that time my wife was pregnant. I was afraid as I am a front-line worker. She always tells me to take care and make sure to wash my hands, wear a mask and follow the protocols,” he said. “When I get home I have a bath before going near my family. My baby is now three months old,” Cruz told the Cape Breton Post.

Cruz is responsible for cleaning not only the COVID-19 assessment centre, but also the hospital’s entrance and waiting areas.

Cruz told the Cape Breton Post how healthcare workers at Nova Scotia Health have acknowledged the hard work of the Cruz and his colleagues from the environmental services team, and that they are grateful.

“It uplifts us, especially as a housekeeper,” Cruz told the Cape Breton Post. “We feel thankful.”

Kellie MacQueen, manager for Nova Scotia Health’s facility support services told the Cape Breton Post that their staff must follow strict infection control guidelines.

“Our staff are very dedicated and work very hard to ensure the physical environment is properly cleaned and disinfected to keep our patients, staff and public safe,” MacQueen told the Cape Breton Post.

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