Filipino sisters

Two Filipino sisters on their way from Canada to pay their last respects to their recently deceased grandfather were turned away in Japan.

Maranda Reyes and Marjory Reyes, from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, were on their way to Manila when they were turned back during a stopover at the Narita International Airport in Japan.

The Reyes sisters spoke with CTV News about their ordeal, telling CTV News that airline employees at Narita refused to let them board their flight to Manila.

“It felt like we were being bullied to go back to Vancouver,” Maranda Reyes told CTV News. The Reyes sisters tried to convince airline employees at the gate, but were unsuccessful.

“They just didn’t want to listen,” Marjory Reyes told CTV News. “It’s almost like anything we said, anything the embassy said, they didn’t really seem to care.”

“They turned us away, and took all of our stuff, and started walking away from us so we had no choice but to follow them and leave,” Maranda Reyes told CTV News.

The Filipino sisters claimed that they checked their documents with representatives with the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa, Ontario, as well as airline employees at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), who confirmed that they met the entry requirements for entry to the Philippines.

The Philippine Government had imposed travel restrictions on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 for travellers from several countries, including Canada, in an effort to prevent the entry of new COVID-19 variants.

Canada confirmed that several cases of the new COVID-19 variants had been identified across the country.

The Government of the Philippines is not allowing travellers from countries that have positively identified cases of the new COVID-19 variants.

Air Canada told CTV News that All Nippon Airways (ANA) was to blame.

ANA was the Reyes sisters’ connecting flight from Narita to Manila.

“These customers were denied (boarding) on their connecting flight to the Philippines by their next airline, ANA in Narita, Japan,” Air Canada told CTV News.

The Reyes sisters were forced to return to Canada, where they got another flight, this time a direct flight with Philippine Airlines.

The Filipino sisters are demanding for a full refund, as well as an apology from Air Canada.

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