Two Canadians playing chess in a frozen lake like it was NBD

chess in a frozen lake

Ron Batiguas and his buddy Nick McNaught enjoyed a lovely Canadian winter day… by playing a nice game of chess in a frozen lake. Not on a frozen lake, but in a frozen lake.

The two friends had originally planned for a quick dip in Ontario’s Oak Lake (about 2OOkms northeast of Toronto) when they decided that they may as well enjoy a quick game of chess.

When asked if they experienced any improvements after the rather unorthodox game, McNaught had this to say:

“Definitely, less inflammation and aches. Mood has been up. Keeping really lean. Sleep has been good even when only getting a little. My body is adapting and improving to the cold every dip too.”

Canadians embrace the winter, with some starting the new year with a nice polar bear swim.

What is a polar bear swim, you may ask? Why, it’s when you get to wear your best swimsuit and go with a bunch of other like-minded individuals into freezing water, usually for a good cause.

Known by different names, including polar bear swims, plunges and dips, the wintertime activity is held across Canada.

One of the oldest is the Polar Bear Swim Club‘s annual activity, which they’ve had since 1920. Up to 2,000 brave souls join the club for the annual dip every year at the English Bay Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia.

So if you fancy cold weather, you may want to get in on some of this action.

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