Bryan Francisco – Filipino makeup artist goes viral in Canada

Bryan Francisco

A 26 year old Filipino makeup artist from Airdrie, Alberta is going viral in Canada for his unbelievable designs. Bryan Francisco is sharing his techniques on TikTok and Instagram, and gaining online fame whilst he’s at it.

Francisco is a special needs teacher, but he’s been working on his makeup skills for the past three years.

With his makeup kit and filming gear, Francisco has been sharing his creations on social media, most recently a series of Zodiac-themed makeup creations.

Francisco spoke with the CBC‘s Paul Karchut, saying how important it was to put your own spin on everything that you do.

His sudden fame on TikTok caught him by surprise.

“Some of my friends (started) sending me a screenshot of me on the discover page of TikTok. And they were like, ‘Bryan, you’re trending! You’re trending!’ And I was getting a lot of notifications.… some of the videos were a million views and I was like, ‘What is going on?!’ I’m just speechless and thankful, for sure,” Francisco told the CBC.

Francisco is hoping that his newfound fame will open doors for him.

“I’m hoping so, that’s for sure. I want to work in a movie setting where I can showcase my artistry,” Francisco told the CBC.

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