Filipino Heritage Month

This year, Filipinos in the Greater Toronto Area will be celebrating the very first Filipino Heritage Month. It’s a pretty big deal, considering that Filipinos has been coming to Canada in consistently great numbers for the past 30 years. By some estimates, there are now over 160,000 Filipino in the GTA alone.

Every year, Filipinos close off the corner of Bathurst and Wilson for Taste of Manila. It’s BBQ and beer for three straight days, with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passing by to take a few selfies with folks in attendance. You may remember that he gamely took a photo whilst cooking BBQ in his APEC Barong.

So, who do we have to thank for this? Councillor Neethan Shan from the City of Toronto, that’s who. The Tamil Canadian is a first-time city councillor for Ward 42 (Scarborough—Rouge River), the riding previously held by Raymond Cho. Mr. Shan and Dr. Cho are great friends of the Filipino community in Toronto.

“I congratulate all those individuals and organizations within the Filipino community in Toronto and around Canada that have been working for a long time for this day to happen,” Councillor Shan said during a reception at the Scarborough Civic Centre.

If you’d like to contact Mr. Shan to thank him, you may do so here:

Nathan Shan
Councillor, Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite B23
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

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